What Is Supportive Housing?

Permanent supportive housing gives a person more than a place to stay. It also includes services to help the customer live independently and grow. For some tenants that means stopping by once in a while to see how they are managing. For others it means gentle reminders – to pay rent, to take medication, etc.

For the community it means offering a compassionate solution to homelessness. It costs much less to provide supportive housing than to warehouse people in jails, homeless shelters or psychiatric hospitals. Shuffling people from place to place is destabilizing to the individual and costly to the community.

What other benefits come with supportive housing? When individuals are housed, they can recover, rejoin the community and work to improve the world around them. If they achieve paid employment, their spending and tax revenues benefit the community.

Finally, there is environmental value in improving the housing stock of neighborhoods. When NPI purchases a property, we clean it up, rehabilitate and add landscaping. When you improve one site, you increase its value and the whole area benefits. When one property is upgraded, neighbors are more inclined to take care of their properties as well. Purchasers are more likely to invest in the street, and the cycle of growth unfolds. That is why we believe so strongly in our mission at NPI. With community support we can fight homelessness, reclaim neighborhoods and support the local economy.

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