In August 2011, a small group of pastors came together out of concern for issues in the African American Community. Several agencies were in financial straits and funding sources were drying up. Meetings were held with a major funder in the city to discuss issues in the African American community and it became obvious that there needed to be a unifying effort to bring about positive change in our city.

 The group realized the need to call together other leaders in the community to assess the assets and gaps that affect our quality of life. As a result the Toledo Community Coalition was formed with the purpose of determining how we might meet the needs of the community and address the unwillingness of funders to invest.

Five areas have been identified for our focus. They are economic development, housing, education, health, and criminal justice. Each focus area has a task force, which is committed to developing strategies for the improvement of services and resources that will enhance the community.  Based on the mission and vision of the coalition, a strategic plan is being developed which will be presented to the community. Our hope is that the community will embrace the effort and support the plan.

We are sensitive to the reality that the city of Toledo does not need another organization to bring people together to discuss issues. The Toledo Community Coalition is a catalyst for the process of improvement of the African American community. We are focused on being in partnerships and collaborations with other groups and individuals who have the same vision.